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  • professional teachers
  • rich experience

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Why choose CCE?

8 weeks Chinese language & culture courses.
  1. Our working team has over 15 years experience on Chinese teaching and project management.
  2. All teachers are qualified and from universities.
  3. Courses and teaching materials are carefully designed for beginning learners.
  4. Practical words and phrases satisfy your practical needs in connection with education, work, trip and social roles.
  5. Culture lectures taught in English will help you understanding Chinese ideas.
  6. Arrange language partner for each student.


This program is focuses on promoting students’ Chinese communication skills. Apart from classroom teaching, various cultural activities are arranged to provide the students for diverse cultural experiences.
After this 8-week Chinese Language and Culture Program(CCE), students can carry on simple daily conversations. For example, they can express themselves effectively during self-introduction and conversations related to shopping, public transportation, time, numbers and direction. Moreover, through the experience of various cultural activities, students can also have some understanding of Chinese traditional culture and urban life of Shanghai.

Suitable Learner

CCE Program is suitable for students with no Chinese background or those who want to study Chinese from the very beginning and experience Chinese culture and lifestyle.


Phrase I: June 13th -- August 5th, 2016
Phrase II: June 20th -- August 12th, 2016


Registration date:June 12th(phrase I);June 19th(phrase II)
Address:Shanghai International Students Service Center(No.28 Lane3489, North Zhong Shan Rd., Shanghai, China)
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8:15--8:45 Trips
Tai Ji Quan(Chinese shadow boxing)
(every Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
9:15--10:00 Chinese comprehensive course
13:30--15:15 Chinese culture and art Chinese Calligraphy Lectures/Investigative activities Completion Ceremony(8th week)
 --  Optional Courses
 --  Trips
  • Arrangement for lectures and activities:
    • Week1: Lecture/ introduction to Shanghai (in English)
    • Week2: Excursion/ Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Centre
    • Week3: Lecture/ Chinese cuisine (in English)
    • Week4: Excursion/ Waterside village- Zhujiajiao
    • Week5: Lecture/ Chinese traditional festivals (in English)
    • Week6: Lecture/ History of China (in English)
    • Week7: Excursion/ Xintiandi
  • 2 trips are arranged during the program, both elective.(Note: Fee is not included in tuition.)
  • Dates and contents of the lectures and activities might be adjusted according the actual situation.



  • Double room: $21 /night/bed, with free breakfast, restroom, AC, Internet, shared kitchen, etc..
  • Single room: $32 /night/room, with free breakfast, restroom, AC, Internet, shared kitchen, etc..
  • The above fees exclude banking transaction fee.

Fees & Payment

  • Application fee: $80 (pay when apply, non-refundable).
  • Tuition: $1,690, including courses fee, textbooks, teaching materials & 8-week accident insurance.
  • Optional course: $90/each (Tai Ji Quan, including exercise clothing).
  • The above fees exclude banking transaction fee.

How to apply

Application Web: http://p.Lchinese.cn  
Materials needed when apply:
  • Upload file of the copy of your passport (page with your photo on);
  • Application fee ($80).(pay online or bank remittance)

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